Star Fishing

Star fishing

Come with me

for only a moment,

in-between your inhale and exhale.


Embark into the potent, 
to touch on ecstatic

velvet indigo.

Vast galactic seas,
the marrow of sky,

exhilarating through lucid silent

shimmering void.


Infinite synchronizing expanse,
lucent ardent ebullience

sounding our depths. 
Inspiring across the intricate

uncharted essence of space

in-between galaxies, nebulas

light outpouring

spiraling light-years 

to evoke

our dreams, our myths.


Explore at the edge

of observable reality,

where mind body soul is

interchangeable energy patterns,

each a unique seed
of perceptional possibility.

Engaging with infinite


of  time, light, color, sound

quantum to infinitum



Crystalline milky way chandelier 
in the deep endless assure intelligence.
The universe is forever expanding 
being pulled away from 

into itself