So Vast

So Vast


The Heavens have always been a fascination,

a milky way road,

perfectly sibylline,

a long road down through history 

we  always followed

our myths shaped  of cosmic undulations,

configuring our paths  beyond the westerly drift,

enigmatic eruditely of the ancients.  


Out here in the heavens 

that surround us 

where time   

the quality of being human

is so miniscule

the mystery so vast, 

there is this 

something like a river,

a flow with intention,

a great unmaking and making,

macroscopically  beautiful.     


Its got my attention,

a whole hearted continuum.  

Time and circumstances  melt away, 

no concern distinct or extinguishable.

In this greatness,

this vastness,  

this  unlimited expanse 

where everything is,  

I embark   

openhearted in wonderment.    


fh 2014