Slam Poets

Slam Poets



Ahh sweet contending

phyletic poets 

slamming it down, beat the ground


salmon slipstream from the sea

allegro liquescent conjure

tone calibre and quality


slippery quick flash embrace 

whittle stones to shine

liquid grace


the mystic flowing

each soul, mind 

bone, mouth, sinew, 


aeonian prana lacing

 words together

Aeolus's visionary testimoni


dancing up stream

trip the light 

fantastic toe


albescent clad sylphs

moonlight contra, tango, 

the Bard robed in light


Milton's black hat

tinging the moon swan

cowboys on sidewalks


fall in love 

for the long distances

stars cartwheel across the night


 Medicine waltz

dance me to the moon

in a wink what passes 


through the galaxy

earths fame

midnight went


sing for the 

anarchic school 

of irrepressible light


up the red carpet

city sunrise

lilting psychedelia


fractal visions induced 

panis angelicas

brilliance evoked 


end all symbols

grasp the luminescent ignite,

unlace our shoes


find the woof and warp

that Suns slip through

in greathearted gatherings,


what orbits each 

coastline paradox



demensional magnitudes

parameters  of

a place to be


teardrop in eyelash

 turn of lip

in smile and frown


coastline paradox

self similarity

time-out  boundary keeper!


a grain of sand

 in shell

 to perl be


oceans rolling 

great wheel

spokes and rungs of time

sublime rhymes