road kill


Coyote!, Sleeking across

the road, nearly under the growling spinning

wheels, She stops, turns

premonition flashes peril in her eyes, 

through the effluvium seeking the origin light.


She sees me deeper then I see 

shuttering my soul, as I slip-slide along

growling discharge, poison emissions,

Howling spin-speed slices along

Seething squelching asphalt

Rendering defeat 

This way that

Her old

Worn land.


Her foreboding eyes,

sparkle with something 

more cataclysmic

an innocence embrace

 briefly glimpsed,

through the mist of a sea 

that never touched land 


Sensing loss to come there in the smell

 hot rubber, a burning in the pads of her feet.

Leaping over the slick paved rim into the green of coming rain. 

Running water down mountain thickets. Thunders voice 

circling in the weave, rumbling from within the earth.


Songs that we learned before we knew who we are.

Suspended into the timeless by a glance, lifting

all logic beyond the bounds of earth. 

Propelling reason back to the day before

our eyes engaged, awareness resounding


Did she have an answer

Did she suggest? 

When again today

as I swerve to miss the small furry memory.


Crumpled in at the edge, 

stretched out and curled in new bloom.

A feeling of surprise lingers in the vibrating 

dim gray hairs. Leaping into a last breath of dreaming,

leaving only disturbed air.


It's more than can be seen

in the rear view mirror.

While speeding by remembered visions,

Names of the hero's,

 severing from the familiar

arrives alone at the westward way.


Regarding the parting of ways, when no longer willing

to fight against backwater ignorant reverence.

Spawned from the megalomaniac grandiose sheen 

of the metallic dress. Too small to keep from rippling at the seams


With no room for the vibrant erotic

pure lush aesthetic.

To rhyme the ebb and flow of our minds

Dancing into the bright shanghai-la

Overtaken again by the brilliance in her eyes


Again today as yesterday I take this substitute moment,

speeding along the black resilient highway.

Where a reddening to dark smear leads over the edge,

blushing the bruised grasses. Once rhythmically warm

vibrant flow, now stiffened in the heat of the sun to a cold whisper.


Retrieved by the mother leaving little trace,

understanding by necessity of hope where no breath moves.

Tenderly lifting heart away,

away from the bleak sticky pavement

of refracting burnt light.


To warm night noises wood, leaf, crumbling earth,

footfall of wind, movement of stars.  Awake with silence

the shroud lifts aside, that spirits compelled westward

through the horizon enter deep embracing space,

surfing through the veil of fascinated crystal wave.


At the ingress, of the river, 'Time', she greets with her eyes.

lifts her song to the moon arching across the sky, 

voice soars mingling with stars,

leading along the spiral course, 

resonating in the silencing winter chill.


Someone might hear? above the blaring grinding repression 

of consciousness, exuding through the seams of another nondescript

Bump, under the wheels.

Her songs, she envisioned in the rendezvous of our eyes,

When our soul comprehends deeply more than itself.


Sharing a implication of what is due

Predicted losses and gains in wild ignorance.

Unnatural breathless displacement from our selves

Forgotten in the lump at the side of the road

In the rush to claim the golden ring


Some one else's kill 

under the whine of the wheel! A screeching flute!

Speeding on, quickening thunderclouds spanning the sky, 

darken the road, chiseled down the volcanic plateau.

Vulnerable innocence so unquestionably ended.


Unrecognized interconnected weave of breath

a casting of ancient Runic Oghams. 

Falling twigs

From the great tree. Unexpected

piercing hoots Who!... Who!... Who!


The swoop of veiled wings fly along the wondering howl

of the coyote, for the flow of moon 

across the nest of mountain. 

At the end of the road 

a trickle of blood

joins with the stones

vestige of ancient sacrifice 

against the sacred 

rock cold fire altar of earth.


FH 2009