Luna Marie

Luna Marie


She is circled, all aglow 

kindling rays of the Sun's

footsure refraction bending light. 

Against her round-faced slopes

lighting up the curves and vale, 

storm clouds heavy with her smile.


Far older then her orbit around 

her beloved, she nimbly revolves about,

sounding her global bell 

Gliding down her lovers shadow

blushing red her whiter shade of pale

remembering by another name did she spin

when youthful Terra captivated 

her indigo shade 

path in the dark before time.


Unvanquishable by the blind mans dial,

the heavy gold hour hand's crusade around

a mundane sphere in a silverode case.

She is the inseparable triple companion

waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection

the rightful time keeper.

Her horology nearly invincible,

her fixing of destinies

moves the tides.


With a kiss candescent

all diaphanous a moment 

crystallized and cryptical. 

Deep, dark, Lunar Maria

traveling by night upon cosmic waves

before the origins of the moons

cataclysmic embrace 

ricochets between

remembered and forgotten antiquity.

Quondam soul cast aside

pure milk from the sacred cow

each portion a perplexing puzzle.

She dances buoyant on inward seas 

too wild, and too glorious

hidden in plane sight

from human eyes.


FH 9/2014