Hat of Fallen Roses


Hat of Fallen Roses


Once it was said that

if you looked up

into the heavens

you would see the Gods

... maybe

that was when imagination was 

essential and science wasn't dogmatic.

Before paradise was paved

with toll booths,

and tall buildings built,

for supermen to leap over.


Out here in the desert, 

its a dessert, for the crowded

heart and mind.

Insular subdued saturation

 in the expanse between 

far distant gamma rays pulsing 

from the black hole  center 

of our milky way stars


Not Long ago

In an urban center

I saw a vintage lady 

with a hat of fallen roses

all upside down 

with violet petals still intact.

Like little dead birds feet, 

the stems all 

sticking straight up

to heaven.


Like some ancient sacred fountain, 

white roses dribbled from her bosom,

drifted down below

to her bare feet.

Her hands sprouted multi color  

buds, spiraling from the wing tips 

of her fingers, 

dripping of light.


She told me

her hat was a bargain,

a steal from the local mission.

Knowing that stealing is wrong

she returned it 

to the headless venus,

in the marble halls 

deep below the surface 

of the sea.