Cut Down

Cut down


tender grasses cut 

with the long blade 

of the reaping hook

or was it just 

a simple kitchen knife 

to make fodder 

for the broom

or only 

each blade cut 

with the twist 

of a sharp beak 

for a shielded finespun 

auspices visioning

  woven in and out 

securing to the ruff 

bark of the great tree

a nest hidden

under its shade

to make safe 

jewels of regeneration

a susurrous song, 

Terpsichore's ancient dance 

or a tiny egg 


barely new 

still wet with 

mothers dew

a spotted fawn

dappled in the

shade and light 

of the slender flowing 

saltation of the breeze 

through the long green 


and the hum of bees.