Crop Glyphs




Ponder this


Inspiring across the universe 


In  frequencies


The borders of our time  

Transverses unknown distance  

To impress the fields in full bloom 

The footprints of  magic 

Questioning  duality

Hopes that persist at the core of humanity 

Prayers of fallen angles

In the silence of sweet night   

Moonlight catches the sudden gleam 

Of hidden origins

Whispers moving  the fields of grain

To lye down before 

 Presence forming

Geometric homeopathic remedies 

 We eat in our daily bread

Each dawn before we set out 

On the shrouded trail 

Leading each to their certain passage  

Through the hallways of the absolute

Rhythms of our soul 

Yet to be revealed 



On  these

 Imprints, impressed

In fields 

Sacred  geometry reveals

Mythologies of our human minds 

Legends of  the origins of all time 

In the hidden first language 

The source of free will

An ancient stile 

That stands along side the sacred wheel

The cycling inner linking of synchronies

what lies hidden behind what is revealed

Circles in the Wheat ,

Corn, and Grapseed 

Impressed into our dreaming Fields