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My ART at this time is sewing  safety masks  and donating them  

and planting a garden

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NightVisions VII 

More than two-thirds of Americans live where they can no longer see the Milky Way galaxy because of light pollution.

We have grown so isolated from the night that in much of our culture it has become alien and fearful.

 NightVisions seeks to re-open our positive connections to the natural night and to bridge the divide separating artistic from scientific perception, promoting the idea that science and art are two intertwined aspects of human experience.


In other words, NightVisions is an art exhibition that celebrates the beauty of the night sky.

The exhibition is hosted at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff was designated as the world’s first International Dark Skies City, enacting limitations on light pollution to preserve the community’s exquisite view of the night sky, and leading a worldwide movement.


Showing for the seventh time, this international, juried, biennial exhibition features artwork in various media; 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, poetry, photography, video, installation, etc.

This year I am one of over 50 artists, exhibiting two large paintings


NightVisions VII will open Friday, April 12, 2019,  The exhibition will be open to the public from April 13 through June 1, 2019. The exhibition is produced by the Flagstaff Arts Council in partnership with the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition.


Here are my two paintings for this show.




Caer Ibormeith the shapeshifting Swan maiden in the Cygnus Constellation

oil and dry pigment 2019.  36'' x 48  ''$4500.


From the mythical race from the stars came the shape-shifting girl turning into the Swan laying the cosmic egg.   

Cygnus is a northern constellation of the Milky Way,  known as the Northern Cross.

Cygnus Bird myths fly through the world cultures, etched into stone temples and caves, 

 Of great importance to the Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians as well as the cultures of Europe, India, China, and the Americas. 

17,000 years ago Deneb, the brightest star of Cygnus, was the pole star.

Myths held that Cygnus was the doorway to the Sky People, in the pyramid texts it was the boat pulled by a celestial bird through the Milky Way to a new life, and the Goddess of wisdom and the arts Sarasvati's swan mount. 

 In the 2nd century CE Cygnus was named, cataloged and depicted as the crooked necked swan by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, did Ptolemy know there was a black hole, in the crook of that crooked neck?  

Just in 2011, Cygnus X-1 was determined to be a black hole with a visible star orbiting around it.


The ancients believed that the Cygnus was where the cosmic egg resided.

 Did they know that gamma rays were pointed directly at the earth?

In the 70s scientists, including Carl Sagan, discovered cosmic rays alter human DNA, and spark leaps in human evolution. In the center of Cygnus is Cyg. X-3,  a source of a powerful burst of cosmic rays directed directly toward earth.


Many and varied are the mysterious myths of Cygnus.


In this painting, I am drawn to the link between Cygnus and the megalithic passage-mound of Newgrange, and the mythic romance of  Caer Ibormeith the shapeshifting Swan maiden.

Oengus a chieftain residing at Newgrange fell in love with Caer Ibormeith, a Tuatha Dé Danann, Swan maiden, who visited him in dreams. After great adventures, Oengus on the magic night of Samhain, finds Caer in the shape of the beautiful white swan, as they embraced he too became a swan, and they fly away together singing a mystical song that all who hear enter the dream time.


"Youth Of 1,000 Summers" by Van Morrison 

He's the youth of a thousand summers

Like a sweet bird of youth

In my soul. 

And he looks so radiant

And he shines like the sun

And he lights up the world

Like a sweet bird of youth

He's the king of the mountain

And the clear crystal fountain

He's the saint of the river

He's the ancient of days

And he makes you go skipping

And he makes you go dancing

And he gets you in rhythm

And he moves you in song

He's the youth of a thousand summers


 Simhamukha Tara in the cosmic cloud the Dark Tower in the constellation of Scorpius.     oil and dry pigments .  60'' x 48''  $ 5400.


In silhouette against a crowded star field toward the center of the milky way in the constellation of Scorpius, is the dusty cosmic cloud named the dark tower a structure that spans almost 40 light-years across located some 5,000 light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation of Scorpius.

Silhouetted against a crowded star field, the Dark Tower is known as a cometary globule


When I first came across this dark cloud it had no name and evoke in me the powerful image of Simhamukha Tara the Queen of the Dakinis.

She represents the transformation of anger or wrath into enlightened awareness, averting or repulsing of negative energy and sending it back to its source. Protecting from negative provocations of mankind’s destruction of the natural environment resulting in plagues,  earthquakes, madness, wars, and other calamities.  

She is a manifestation of the enlightened awareness and her nature is compassion, she slays the dragon representing the forces of evil and chaos. She only shows her fierce and angry face in order to subdue misguided beings.



I was invited to the Raven invitational at 'West of the Moon Gallery 


Raven heralds the cracks in Rodin's Pallas's temple of wisdom 

he knew it was first seen in dream by  Guda the ancient king of Eygpt 




I had my artwork 'The Language of Ice accepted into the juried show 'Water '@ Art in Action  Flagstaff 


The language of ice


night has gifted 

this early dawn 

With footprints


silently impressed

in the Great Norths 

frozen breath  


crystalline, exquisite

at the edges of melting

 breath froze


waiting, a touch 

of the early dawn sun

liquefying  flow


 cycles of melting and freezing 

older than remembered 



billions of years older 

than this wet earths

cyclical waters 


liquid light

surging toward life 

freezing into fractals 


flying through coldest space 

 melting in the warmth 

of an infinity of suns 


 secret language of remembrance 

of what has been

what has passed through 


leaving just a whisper

 of a moment 

embossed in the ice 


winds full of icy snow 

and sharp breath 

of cold Wetness


 blowing from the north 

late in this year 

freezing springs flower bud's 


there were so many

a small spark of the whole

 deer-mouse, squirrel, raccoon, cottontail

 jackrabbit, flicker, woodpecker 

nut hatch


Caterpillars, Beetles,

 bugs of all kinds 

even human’s prints evaporate


Footprints in a frozen breath 

frozen  light 



so many footprints 

so many others 

dissolve in the breath of the sun.




My Christmas solo show 


Dook'o'oosłííd—('Din`a' (Navajo) which means "the summit which never melts" ) Nuva'tukya'ovi—(Hopi) (Nuva'tukya'ovi, which means "place-of-snow-on-the-very-top")

the San Francisco Peaks (English)

 Multiple views in oil paint of the ancient volcano, 

held sacred for thousands of years, with ancient blessings, giving life to us all..


regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with.




there were more events I will update soon. 


Lastly, my painting Sea Witch in 'Congress with the Ancients' was accepted

into the  31 Woman Artist Exhibition for 2020 January exhibition.


The Sea Witch sang the evocation

and the sea's parted

suspending motionless

the wave of karma

as the congress of ancients, negotiate  


What lays hidden deep under

the cycling holographic waters

passageways unknown

to the surface dwellers

timeless flow of past and present

sentient being

A new chapter is bubbling up

from deep beneath the sea



31 Women Artists Exhibition

January 3 - January 26

31 Women Artists
A Sedona Arts Center
Special Exhibition

January 3 – 26, 2020


  • January 3, 2020, 5-8pm – Opening Reception (Sedona First Friday)
  • January 17, 2020, 4-6pm – Talk with Art Historian and Collector Mark Rownd
  • January 18,2020, 1-5pm – Women’s March & Rally – Sedona Arts Center Campus
  • January 23, 2020, 4-6pm – Curator’s Talk, 30+1: Dorothea Tanning, Sedona and Contemporary Art with Dr. Catriona McAra, University Curator at Leeds Arts University

Surrealism was the prevailing modern art movement in 1943 when Peggy Guggenheim launched a special exhibition entitled Exhibition by 31 Women at her “Art of This Century” gallery in NYC. Our exhibition will include various works by six of the women artists who were featured in the original NYC exhibition from the collection of local art historian Mark Rownd.  We will be exhibiting works by Leonora Carrington, Dorothea Tanning, Leonor Fini, Hedda Sterne, Sonja Sekula, and Hazel Guggenheim.

Over 220 women artists applied for the exhibition from 38 states and 8 countries representing work that has in some way been influenced by the surrealist movement. The scope of the exhibition is very diverse. Surrealist influence appears in abstract expressionism, process art, conceptual art, and various forms of magical realism and visionary art as well as collage, sculpture, assemblage, and painting that relies on evocative juxtaposition of various imagery. Because of its relationship to the unconscious and the mythic, surrealism has often been associated with a spiritual quest, situating art as a healer of the rift between nature and human reality through its unique creativity.

Women are the unsung heroes of contemporary art, creating artworks and actively participating in all aspects of modern art from early on. This exhibition, timed to overlap with the Sedona Women’s March and Rally in January of 2020 is themed on the empowerment of Women and the diverse heritage of Surrealism.

Prizes – The exhibition was juried and prizes awarded by Dr. Catriona McAra, University Curator at Leeds Arts University. She was awarded her doctorate in History of Art at the University of Glasgow and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), University of Edinburgh.

1st Place: Jill Eberle $2000.00

2nd Place: Kelsey Ashe $1000.00

3rd Place: Rose Moon $500.00

Additional artists juried into the exhibition are listed below.

Angelique Benicio

Frederica Hall

Kim L. Pace

Sonia Moran

Elizabeth Cheche

Moira Geoffrion

Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb

Rachel Tucker

Angela Casagrande

Emily Tironi

Rhonda Urdang

Paula Goodbar

Amy Ernst

Janiece Fazio

Anita Elias

Heather Burton

Kristen Eisenbraun

Marisa Andropolis

Andrea Abonyi

Amelia Borja

Marisa S White

Wendy McMurdo

Catalog: A catalog of the exhibition with one image and artist’s statement from each artist juried into the exhibition is available.

To purchase a copy of our exhibition book, click here.


 thank you for  looking into my doings 

and there will be more to come