Oil painting Simhamukha Tara by Frederica  Hall

Simhamukha Tara

60'' X 48'' oil and dry pigments - price and giclee prints on request

Simhamukha Tara in the cosmic cloud the Dark Tower in the constellation of Scorpius

In silhouette against a crowded star-field toward the center of the milky way in the constellation of Scorpius, appears the dusty cosmic cloud named the Dark Tower. Located some 5,000 light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation of Scorpius, the structure spans almost 40 light-years across. The Dark Tower is known as a cometary globule.

When I first came across this dark cloud it had no name and evoked in me the powerful  image of Simhamukha Tara the Queen of the Dakinis, who represents the transformation of anger or wrath into enlightened awareness. She averts or repulses negative energy and sends it back to its source,  giving protection from the negative provocations of destruction by humans of the natural environment, which can result in  plagues,  earthquakes, madness, wars, and other calamities.  

She is a manifestation of enlightened awareness, and her nature is compassion; she slays the dragon representing the forces of evil and chaos. She shows her fierce and angry face only in order to subdue misguided beings.