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This work is an ongoing artistic inquiry into the web of inter-species communication,
expressed through my paintings,I offer a connection to some of the 1,000s of disappearing sentient beings.
As we lose each species we lose a part of our selves in the interconnected web of consciousness.
All of nature is a single organism, everything is connected, "quantum physicists have found that the boundaries that isolate one thing from another exist only at the most obvious and superficial level; at deeper levels all things-atoms molecules, plants animals, people participate in a sensitive, dynamic web of information" Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D..
Literally hundreds of species are going extinct every day, at this moment science estimates the present rate of extinction is up to 140,000 species per year and this number is growing every hour.
This time the extinction is not by caused by a comet but by our  human impact on the environment since the industrial revolution.


Of interest One of the paintings I have painted iS of Michael the Silverback Gorilla, Michael was saved from poachers as a baby and raised with the young adult female gorilla Koko at the Gorilla Foundation, Koko was trained in sign Language and taught the young Michael how to use sign Language , so that Michael grew up being able to communicate with humans
Sadly Michael died prematurely as a young adult but before he died he was able to sign his painful traumatic memories of the horrendous Killing of his mom and his brutal capture, one more thing I would like to share about Michael is that he loved to paint.


The paintings  so far are;

Steller's Sea Cow, Extinct
Bachman.s Warbler, Extinct
Caribbean Monk Seal Extinct
Eastern Cougar, Extinct
Hawaiian Crow, Extinct
Golden Toad Extinct
Barbary lion, Extinct, in the wild
Wyoming Toad, Extinct in the wild
Red Wolf, extinct in wild, reintroduced less then 50 in the wild
Island Fox less then 20 in the wild
Cedros Island Mule Deer, Less then 50 in the wild
Mount Graham Red Squirrel, Less then 200 in the wild
Seychelles Magpie robin, Less then 200 in the wild
The Philippine eagle, less then 200 in the wild
Silverback Gorilla less then 600 in the wild
The Philippine tarsier, less then 1,000 in the wild
Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey, less then 3,000 in the wild
Chimpanzee 150,000 in the wild, 3,000 + imprisoned for biomedical experimentation research, contact Project R&R to help stop this unnecessary cruelty
“Each of our lives is a part of the lengthy process of the universe gradually waking
up and becoming aware of itself. Thomas Nagel


Exhibition 2016 Willow Ben Environment education Center.


Arizona Jack Rabbit

Blue Dancer Dragon Fly

Leopard frog

Spotted Owl

Desert Antelope

Peregrine Falcon

Bald Eagle

Thick Billed Parrot extinct


The work continues