10×10 Exhibition 2017

The Flagstaff Arts Council is pleased to present the10×10 Exhibition & Sale. 10×10 features 100 artists working within a small size for new, original works of art.



Breaking the Barrier

An exhibition featuring interactive artworks in a variety of mediums that engage with the five senses; sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Everyone who walks through the door will essentially become part of the exhibition. Reception April 8. Show open April 11 - May 27, 2017.


A creative improve ART Game.
Frederica Hall 2017
New and repurposed
wood, plastic, canvas, acrylic. & ink.
price $900.

Create unique rules of the game, Assemble fantastical structures with unique hand painted wooden pices, on the painted game board. Then spin tops, that might and might not topple the assemblages
into new unique ascetic arrangements. Create opportunities to read the orphic blue dear art cards.


For any Number of players, one or more, solo or teams.
Begin by creating and documenting in the rule book
your unique 'Rules of the Game'.
As well as polite creative commentary you would like to share.

To facilitate creation of fun engaging rules,
game tools are included to use as you choose.

One, minute sand Timer
One, white Spin or Stack, dice.
One, dice color coded to the spinning tops
One, white unicorn / number dice
Three 'Red bomb collateral damage' tops
Three 'Blue meanie, drones 'tops
Three 'Zen spinner tops'
Abundant large to small hand painted

stacking pieces.
22 blue deer art cards to read


*Create exciting rules that do not rely on competition
to engage your creativity and enjoyment.
*Create rules that evoke, artistic collaborations.
*Create rules that utilize polarities, of tension & release.
rhythm, & Stillness, balance, & Imbalance,
ascetic continuums, improvisatory flux between
order and chaos.
*Create new rules and amendments with the governing
ethics of an imaginary democracy.



NightVisions 2017

NightVisions is an art exhibition that celebrates the beauty of the night sky. Flagstaff is the world’s first International Dark Skies City, limiting light pollution to preserve our exquisite view of the night sky. Exhibition is open June 11 - July 29,


Lillies in the milkyway 



And Thank you Dallas Jeffs for the wonderful review

The Uncanny In Nature and Myth: Art by Frederica Hall

By Dallas Jeffs

A painting of a dark cloud nebula in spaceDark Tara, acrylic

Frederica Hall is inspired by the uncanny in nature and myth, creating paintings and other works of art that celebrate forms of otherworldly beauty. Her subject matter ranges from psychedelic introspection to views from outer space.

A painting off the moon in front of the Pleiades constellationMoon Occulting Pleiades, mixed media

Speaking of outer space, I absolutely love Frederica’s series of Outer and Inner Spacepaintings. Many of these paintings are detailed oil paint renderings of nebulae and distant galaxies that have been captured in telescope photographs. In some works, Frederica takes a measure of artistic license to emphasize visions of humanlike figures and spiritual scenes that create a subtle sense of mythic narrative around a natural phenomenon. Federica’s flowing, well-blended painting style lends itself well to these clouds of light and color in vacuum space. It’s also present in her other, more figure-focused works, and tends to help create a dreamlike aura around people and animals.


The front page of Frederica Hall's art websiteThe front page of Frederica's portfolio website


Frederica also works in photography, performance and poetry, with numerous examples of each available on her portfolio. 


An abstract collage of a mysterious doorwayDoorway, collage

About the author

Dallas Jeffs Art Writer

Dallas Jeffs is the Editor of Artist Run Website's blog. She is a recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where she studied Critical and Cultural Practices. She is passionate about talking and writing about art, and sharing that interest with others. In her studio practice she is a painter, but she considers herself an art writer and educator foremost. If you like art, books and culture with a science fiction twist, check out Dallas' personal blog, HappySpaceNoises

 'Isis and Osiris in the Vail Nebula'

Some time ago about 10 to 20,000 years, myths tell of the passing of Egyptian Gods that breathed earth's air, danced and sang on Terra firma. 
Science has found the Vail super novae, estimating its explosion at about 10 to 20,000 years ago 
A super novae  in the heart of Cygness the swan, the Egyptians' gate way into the otherworld for their ships passage to sail the great seas beyone death.
Coincident , Morphic resonance ?
I see in the vail nebula, at the Bow of the great Egyptian mythic ship,

gazing out into the great unknown the figure heads of Isis and Osiris. 

This work is an ongoing artistic inquiry into the web of inter-species communication,
expressed through my paintings,I offer a connection to some of the 1,000s of disappearing sentient beings.
As we lose each species we lose a part of our selves in the interconnected web of consciousness.
All of nature is a single organism, everything is connected, "quantum physicists have found that the boundaries that isolate one thing from another exist only at the most obvious and superficial level; at deeper levels all things-atoms molecules, plants animals, people participate in a sensitive, dynamic web of information" Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D..
Literally hundreds of species are going extinct every day, at this moment science estimates the present rate of extinction is up to 140,000 species per year and this number is growing every hour.
This time the extinction is not by caused by a comet but by our  human impact on the environment since the industrial revolution.


Of interest One of the paintings I have painted iS of Michael the Silverback Gorilla, Michael was saved from poachers as a baby and raised with the young adult female gorilla Koko at the Gorilla Foundation, Koko was trained in sign Language and taught the young Michael how to use sign Language , so that Michael grew up being able to communicate with humans
Sadly Michael died prematurely as a young adult but before he died he was able to sign his painful traumatic memories of the horrendous Killing of his mom and his brutal capture, one more thing I would like to share about Michael is that he loved to paint.


The paintings  so far are;

Steller's Sea Cow, Extinct
Bachman.s Warbler, Extinct
Caribbean Monk Seal Extinct
Eastern Cougar, Extinct
Hawaiian Crow, Extinct
Golden Toad Extinct
Barbary lion, Extinct, in the wild
Wyoming Toad, Extinct in the wild
Red Wolf, extinct in wild, reintroduced less then 50 in the wild
Island Fox less then 20 in the wild
Cedros Island Mule Deer, Less then 50 in the wild
Mount Graham Red Squirrel, Less then 200 in the wild
Seychelles Magpie robin, Less then 200 in the wild
The Philippine eagle, less then 200 in the wild
Silverback Gorilla less then 600 in the wild
The Philippine tarsier, less then 1,000 in the wild
Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey, less then 3,000 in the wild
Chimpanzee 150,000 in the wild, 3,000 + imprisoned for biomedical experimentation research, contact Project R&R to help stop this unnecessary cruelty
“Each of our lives is a part of the lengthy process of the universe gradually waking
up and becoming aware of itself. Thomas Nagel


Exhibition 2016 Willow Ben Environment education Center.


Arizona Jack Rabbit

Blue Dancer Dragon Fly

Leopard frog

Spotted Owl

Desert Antelope

Peregrine Falcon

Bald Eagle

Thick Billed Parrot extinct


The work continues


Scientist can decipher Nebulae as innumerable particles of dust, hydrogen and helium gas, and plasma, collapsing and clumping together due to mysterious gravitational attraction into vast clouds light years across time and space, Appearing like fantastical worlds and beings .

Knowing that the seeming insignificant dung beetle uses the Milky Way for orientation and navigation. Then perchance, Nebulae are gravitational clouds held together by an extraterrestrial orphic intelligence. That is so alien to human understanding, we simply do not see them in plane sight.

From this perspective the question arises ' what is intelligence and does it have parametric limits?'