Frederica Hall Arts



 As an artist Frederica Hall follows a multi-disciplinary approach, working primarily in visual arts that sources performance-art

and vice versa.

Her work is informed by the mysterious surrounding cosmos, reflections on myth, metaphor, and humanities' uncharted origins. 

Engaging inquiry that encompasses challenging matters of truth, politics, religious beliefs, social customs, cultural relevance, societies' identities and more.


In her paintings she works with varied mediums using new innovative techniques, as well as classical oil glazing. These diverse procedures capture layers of light and color and perhaps, life’s nebulous moments.  

Her art kindles new perspectives of the mysterious.


Her performance art utilizes, voice, movement, costume, puppetry and installation, capturing  life's continually poignant moments. This art evokes in herself and the viewer unique creative views into our perceptual experience of the wonderment of 'Now'.


Frederica understudied with NASA artist Yeffy Kimball in N.Y.C., and received  scholarships in visual arts to the Arts Student League in N.Y.C. in the 1960s. She continued her studies in Visual Arts,  performance and Voice at Northern Arizona University, American Dance Festival, Duke University North Carolina in the 1970s. She never stops engaging in learning experiences, She continues studying with different visual and performance artist. This year 2015 she received the Professional Development Grant from the Arizona Commission for the Arts, to attend the entrepreneurial imagineering ArtBox Institute.


"I love to create at the edge of Moon light,

where the realms of the unseen become visible"






Please check back to get to know me,

see more paintings, poetry and 30 years of performance art.

blessings to you all.

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