This Last year 2016

with a group of local artist, we  launched 

 Collaboration, Conversation


Community Creativity



Art 35º North ("Art35N") is a new inclusive organization supporting art in the region of 35º North latitude seeking Collaboration, Conversation, Community and Creativity among artists, art supporters, art collectors and the communities of this region.  ART35N encourages involvement by artists in all types of media.

Art35N has formed with the goal of sharing Fine Art across the Colorado Plateau. By bringing together artists from not only Flagstaff, but also Winslow, Williams, and other nearby towns.

Art35N is a juried organization, potential exhibiting members must apply for membership, and must prove a high level of artistic expression and technical skill in order to gain entrance into this professional group.

Supporting memberships are also offered. These members are eligible for workshops, classes and art education.

According to John Tannous, Executive Director of the Flagstaff Arts Council, “Artists appreciate the opportunity to engage with audiences, and we know audiences will, too.”
Members include painters, ceramic artists, printmakers and sculptors, so the Flagstaff area will have the chance to experience art-making in a wide range of medium. 

This year Art35N is still growing and has added a monthly pop up gallery at Human Nature Dance Studio Gallery. Once a month with  Flagstaff's First Friday Art Walk.


Art35N presents

 2016 New Latitude Group show and Art35N Studio Tour,  

at the Coconino Center for the Arts. 



Transformation of the Red Tide

oil on canvas 48"x36"




2016 November 

Art35 N Group Exhibition

Flagstaff Modern and Contemporary Gallery FMCG ,


Twin soul of Mysticiti

oil on canvas 


Willow Bend Environmental Education Center
Invitational Exhibition & Performance of Endangered Species

The Red List 

adding 9 new species to this work in progress.




2016 November 

 from Bees eyes

Golden Hive Gallery Flagstaff Az.



Honey Bee

mixed media oil













Valentine invitational for the month of love at the 'West of The Moon Gallery' Flagstaff AZ. 2016


Wolf Love, Singing Love to the Moon 

oil 12" x 6"



Blushing the Moon Pink with Their Kissing

oil 11"x5"


Love Dance

oil 11"x5"






"FLOW" Exhibition and The Red Cage Performance / Installation  at the Flagstaff Modern and Contemporary Gallery FMCG , May 8 
The 6th Extinction work in progress

We're  currently experiencing the worst die-off since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This time not by a comet but by our human impact on the environment since the industrial revolution. All of nature is a single organism, everything is connected, "quantum physicists have found that the boundaries that isolate one thing from another exist only at the most obvious and superficial level; at deeper levels all things-atoms molecules, plants animals, people participate in a sensitive, dynamic web of information" Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D..

Literally dozens of species are going extinct every day, at this moment the present rate of extinction is up to 140,000 species per year and is growing every hour.

This work is an ongoing artistic inquiry into the web of inter-species communication , through my art I offer a connection to 18 of the 1,000s of disappearing sentient beings .

As we lose each species we lose a part of our selves in the interconnected web of consciousness.


the red cage
the last reconstructed  robotic animal in 'The Red Cage'by Rick Johnson

Secret Conversations Of Ravens 


Inspired by the Moon she knew what to do



Early Dawn the Moon Dreams the White Raven flying away with the Earth.


'Showing at 'West  Of The Moon Gallery'  Flagstaff AZ

September 2015